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. >> math genius and u.s. marine ramona pearson was run down by a drunk driver when she was just 22 years old. the extent of her injuries was staggering. in a coma for 18 months, and when she woke up, she was blind. she remained blind for 11 years. while her body was damaged, her mathematical mind continued to grow. this is pearson today as ceo of her own startup declara, which uses mathematical algorithms to help large companies connect employees. if you're thinking to yourself someone should make a movie about ramona pearson's life, a script writer has already beat you do it. joined by alistair bar of "u.s. today," welcome to the program. kim mcnicholas of pando daily. obviously awful, awful things happened to you, and we'll get to that in a second but one of the vance that ashley vance in bloomberg business week wrote about you is you spent a number of years essentially in an old folks home at the age of 22 recovering, and they themselves took care of you, the senior citizens. >> yeah. you know, ashley was exactly right. i spent about three years in a senior citizens home in colorado,
shop. tech shop revolutionizing manufacturing,atch using a revolutionary way oaising money. he's a former gre ret. he sort o foments revolutions. i'm joined by rich and levi. thank you for being he this i'll point out to the viewer that youave been onbefore, and we may get a chance to talk more about tech sh, b if we don't, on the wsite you and i talk about ituite a bit. i'm a enthusiastic fan. that said, let's tal about this way of raising money. you're trying to raise 0 million. >> that's right. >> the other day, last week barracuda network's rsed $72 milln in anipo. so we're talking about small ipo level kinds of money here. >> right, right. but the difrence is in an ipo you've g threeears of autoed financials. we'rstill a little too i don't think toe able to go through all that kind ofwork. we're going after the early age investor you can't really get an early stage investor using an ipo. you're already doing your ipo. >> b that said, youre getting ipo-level funds. >> absolutely. >> ablutely. viable alternative. >> to going to t open market. >> is this a substitute for ipo
half the pri and you g o of a large number of taxies already out in the city. we fured let's use those insteaofutting new cars on the street and creating whole new experience. we're getting theonsumer p exrience side. >> people have largely abandoned taxis. ubers popular because they have been burn'd so many times by a cap that doesn't show up. how much markeng do you have to do to get people to try out cabs ain. >> cabs are still the mass market, and that's one thing that we looked at and decided th we wanted to focus on. and worldwide caps are the ways that people get around. what they needed was a methodology to getasy access for the consums and feedback for the drivers. many drivers want to kw how they're doing. there is always a few that want done and ty'll stay the same ave and that' fine. we coach them for awhile, and then we say look, you're not great for the system that's fine,do your thing. end up with a pulation of great service and they have the tools, and the result is 95% of our rides are rated by the passengers fou and fei stars. an two thirds are five stars straightup.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3